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Damodar Sharma

Head Priest

Pandit Damodar Sharma is the Head Priest and Spiritual Leader of Sri Vrindavan Dhaam. Pandit Ji has approximately twenty five years of service to the Hindu community throughout the GTA, Durham Region and Oakville. 


He has devoted his life to serving, teaching and promoting Hindu philosophy and Sanatan Dharma. He is a well-known dedicated, respected and devoted leader within the Hindu community in Ontario regardless of their national origin. He is passionate and committed to protecting and promoting Hinduism and the Hindu culture and way of life.   

After coming from India in 1993, he quickly found his calling and has devoted his life to helping and guiding everyone who was seeking help. Early in his career as a Hindu priest, Pandit Ji quickly understood the need for him to learn English so that he could communicate and reach a wider audience of Hindus who did not speak Hindi. While this was a challenging task, he had a strong commitment to this community and a determination to spread Hindu teachings and philosophy to them. 


He was successful in learning English and is able to lecture about spirituality, religion and culture in a more inclusive and engaging way.  Today, he is one of the few pandits in the GTA who could read Hindu Texts in Sanskrit and simultaneously translate them into Hindi and English so that he could communicate his messages to all audiences, both Hindi speaking and English speaking. 

From giving religious discourses on Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma and teaching hundreds of individuals about our sacred scriptures, to providing advice and wisdom in regards to our daily life, he is truly a humble and learned individual who wants the Hindu families and community to grow and stand strong and claim its place in Canadian society.


Through bhajans, kirtans and readings from various Hindu scriptures, Pt. Sharma has successfully formed and maintained a diverse community of followers from various backgrounds and national origins throughout the GTA. He has enlightened many generations and filled hundreds of families with a love and passion for the Hindu religion. 


he many years of practicing his religion and craft have made him an expert in conducting all of the prescribed ceremonies for all samskaras including various types of Poojas, wedding ceremonies, devotional bhajans, chowkis, teaching and lecturing on Hindu religion and culture. 

He introduced and provided content for Balavihar classes to engage young children in learning about our religion and culture. He is determined to guide the youth into a brighter future by teaching them to follow Hindu principles, values and philosophy as a way of life. 

Pandit Ji is committed to establishing a Mandir where everyone feels welcomed as part of our Hindu family regardless of their origins and language backgrounds. He believes that our Hindu diversity is our strength and we should all work together as one family to protect and promote Hinduism.


Pt. Sharma is a hardworking, committed and caring individual and we are fortunate to have him as our Spiritual leader to take charge in guiding us to embrace our Hindu roots and be proud of our Hindu heritage.

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